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Hot stamping series
WT-1D Manual Gilding Press
WT-1A Lead Gilding Press With Bottom Heating
WT-4 Semi-auto PVC Synchronous Gilding Press
WT-1 Manual Gilding Press(Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted ) From American Technology
WT-1B manual bronzing machine
WT-17 Computerized Auto Hot Stamping Machine For Cloth
WT-12 Pneumatic Pressure Plane Gilding Press (Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
WT-7 Hydraulic Gilding Press For Couplet (Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
WT-20(B)Pneumatic Pressure Gilding PressSelf-In/Out Gilding Press (5T)
WT-20(A)Hydraulic Worktable Self-In/Out Gilding Press(10T) (Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
WT-20CPneumatic Pressure Gilding PressSelf-In/Out Gilding Press (5T)
WT-19Pneumatic Increasing Pressure Gilding Press (Max. Pressure 3T, Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
Sample appreciation
WT-28 Computerized Electric High Effective Gilding Press
WT-29AElectromotive High-effective Gilding Press
WT-52Dichromatic Hot Stamping Machine
WT-55 Turn plate Hot Stamping Machine
WT-58B Hot Stamping Machine For Waste Bins
WT-59 60T Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine
WT-61 Automatic Hot Stamping Machine For Plates
WT-64 Mini Manual Hot Stamping Machine
WT-70B Mechanical 6 Worktables Disc
WT-66 Plastic Crate Hot Stamping Machine
WT-73Table Top Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine
WT-70A Cell Phone Case Hot Stamping Machine
WT-29 Automatic Hot Stamping Machine
WT-Curtain cutting equipment
Wt-523 Disc Bronzer
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